Expert activity

Many Israeli companies do not see Russia as an attractive market or Russian companies as reliable business partners. A number of Israeli companies have been disappointed with their past attempts to penetrate the Russian market. Some of these disappointments arose from difficulties in establishing a business in Russia without a thorough knowledge of Russian legislation and the specifics of the business environment and market in Russia.  Frequently, the trouble is just a lack of good business connections.

The Russian business environment, for all its seeming similarity to the Israeli one, in
Part of the failures of Israeli entrepreneurs in Russia is their inability to assess the potential of the Russian market, the novelty of their product to Russian consumers, the interest of the Russian market in their product and the effectiveness of their business strategy in  Russia.
fact worlds away from Israel, and is not welcoming to strangers. Israeli companies could avoid many mistakes when entering the Russian market if they received qualified and expert support.
The Israeli-Russian Chamber of Commerce (IRCC) provides meaningful assistance to Israeli businesses through expert assessment services of technologies, products, market situation, industry, etc., as well as marketing support for Israeli businesses coming to Russia. An Israeli company significantly increases its chances for success in Russia if it has an expert opinion on its product or service as well as a professional recommendation for its business and marketing strategy in Russia.