Information Services

Information that is publicly available to Israeli companies about economic and business activity in Russia is at best fragmented, is often irrelevant and outdated and requires considerable effort to formulate a "complete market picture."   Often, important information is just not out there.

Information that can be learned about Russia from freely available sources frequently has little value for the business interests of Israeli companies: it does not bring the company closer to participating in an Israeli-Russian business project, does not help Russian-Israeli companies "find each other" and doesn't reflect true market conditions.

If there is interest in developing Israeli business in Russia, Israeli companies need a reliable information partner, such as the IRCC.

1. Publication of Up-to-date industry reports information as well as market and technology
The Israel-Russia Chamber of Commerce provides a wide range of informational support services for Israeli businesses interested in developing intercountry cooperation. These services include:
on demand reports;
2. Access to the IRCC’s database of reliable companies abroad including  service providers and potential partners; 
3. Publication of information on projects open for participation of international companies, including tenders.
4. Information on business events in which they may be interested in participating such as exhibitions, conferences, and forums.
5. Rapid industry market inquiries of other members of the IRCC.
Information today is the key to market success. The IRCC is happy to help in the development of Israeli businesses in Russia, and we will do our best so our members are kept up to date on relevant business conditions.