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Doing business in Russia requires creating a working group for each project. What is incomprehensible to the Israelis is the necessity in Russia of keeping detailed and clear protocols for each working meeting including the assignment of duties and actions to each participant. It is necessary to be able to monitor "misunderstandings" and promptly resolve emerging conflicts between the parties, and this must be done at all stages of the deal process. It is important to work concurrently with all of the top management, middle management, and technical staff, without which in Russia, "no aircraft will fly."

An Israeli company is often unable to cope with this approach, and therefore "going to Russia" is seen as a choice of ‘last resort’. This is true even though the Russian economy has a huge interest in Israeli technologies, and there is great demand for business solutions that Israeli colleagues can offer.
The IRCC provides comprehensive business support to its members and, through its partners, offers assistance to Russian and Israeli companies in launching and developing business processes.